Here are testimonials from regular and one off clients who have benefited from my Holistic Massage or Mindfulness courses

Kind words from Lisa in Egham “6 months ago, I was at rock bottom and I felt very battered by all the stresses in my life and I couldn’t seem to get on top of everything.  Also, I was feeling physically unwell as well as mentally overwhelmed. So, I made the decision to invest in myself,  I made some dietary changes but more importantly, I found Trisha. She listened quietly and suggested which aromatherapy oils might be helpful. Her massage technique for aromatherapy is very gentle, but enormously beneficial. I felt all the overwhelm, sadness and frustrations literally melt away. I have continued to see her every month and the results have been truly amazing. I still have plenty of stress in my life unfortunately, but I can now cope with it. I feel grounded and centred and so much better in myself.I heartily recommend her.”

Julia – Egham, Surrey wrote “I have had many massages in many spas and beauty salons – some very prestigious – but none as good as with Trisha at A Calm You. Massage is her passion. Undiluted by the myriad of beauty treatments available in a generic setting, this is a specialist, personalised treatment from a professional who cares about her clients, their wellbeing and their massage experience. I won’t be going elsewhere. It would always be a disappointment! Thanks Trisha for helping me look after myself and for the oasis of calm you provide in my 21st century world!”

Doreen – Surrey told me “Having put up with an annoying and increasingly more painful ache in my shoulder and neck every time I turned my head I had decided it was something age related and I would have to live with it.
Then Trisha was recommended to me
On the very first visit Trisha found the spot and worked on it for the next 3 or 4 visits and with each visit I had increasingly longer periods of relief until a few weeks ago the realisation came to me that I was no longer experiencing any pain.
It’s not only the physical stresses and strains that Trisha relieves she is also a very good listener offering calming and stress relieving suggestions to help cope with the everyday problems that modern day life throws at us all.”

Regular client Jackie from Surrey emailed me and said “Sometimes we need a little extra something in our lives that we can’t actually identify and this is how I was feeling when I heard about Trisha and ‘A calm you’.
Trisha is a very professional, gifted and caring lady who puts me completely at ease. She has great empathy and listens, understands and tailors a massage to suit my needs each time I visit.
In tranquil surroundings, her magic hands soothe and relax both body and mind giving me restful sleep and creating a sense of wellbeing which lasts several days.
I always look forward to my visits knowing that each one will provide me with that ‘something’ I needed, leaving me revitalised.
Thank you Trisha, I have no hesitation in recommending you and the treatments you provide.”

Pilates teacher Amanda G from Berkshire wrote “If you are feeling in need of an energy boost or a complete relaxation session I would totally recommend A Calm You. I regularly have back neck and shoulder massage focussing on my knotted shoulders. I came to Trisha with another symptom Bicep tendinitis; hamstring strain, which Trisha has been focusing on to help relieve the pain, release off any tension and advise the after treatment after exercise to help with inflammation of the muscle. Thank you Trisha.”

“I would highly recommend Trisha, I have a regular monthly massage and I feel it has really improved my well being. I have been to a lot of Spas and I can honestly say this is the best massage I have ever had. You can tell Trisha exactly what you would like to have e.g.more time on back and less time on arms etc – a massage to suit you and not the therapist :)”
Ellie H

“Lovely surroundings, the world disappears. Professional, friendly with attention to detail that makes you feel like a queen as the treatment is customised to you personally.Trisha does not rush you at the end of the treatment either which prolongs the enjoyment.”
Helen B from Virginia Water

“Trisha is a lovely and caring lady, who made me feel at ease in no time. She is a gifted healer: while intuitively massaging the areas of your body that need more attention, she reaches that place in your soul where emotional and mental blockages sit and releases them. Trisha’s massages are true holistic journeys, from which body, mind and soul return as one.
I can recommend Trisha any day without hesitation!”
Lara B from Egham

Siobhan – Egham day. Her work environment is very relaxing and conducive to really switching off and unwinding. I told Trisha that I don’t enjoy a heavy massage, and she listened and used a lighter pressure. She used a bolster to prop my hips as I have a lower back problem, and for the first time during a massage I was pain free when I turned from my front onto my back. I’ll be back next month for another massage. Thank you Trisha.”

Sandra – Egham said “I would just like to thank you for the treatments I received from you.  The whole course was very successful for me. I can really feel the difference and the standard of service towards me was excellent.  You are a true professional and very understanding which made me feel totally relaxed from the beginning.  I would highly recommend you and shall continue to use you.”

Lizzie B from Egham “I felt very comfortable with you and actually had one of the best massage experiences on Saturday. A huge thank you for such a fab experience, I would highly recommend you as you do treat the whole person, and this is pretty rare.”

Jo H from Englefield Green “I woke up this morning and had no stiffness in my shoulders and neck – and suddenly realised that I usually do, to an alarming extent.  I was amazed at how much better I felt and will definitely be back for more.  All thanks to an Indian Head Massage from Trisha”

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