What can I expect?

At your first visit I will spend time with you doing an in-depth consultation which focuses on you, your health, your environment and lifestyle. Questions about your family’s health history, your health, what you do to relax and exercise, what you eat, what your work/daytime routine is are some of the questions I ask. This consultation can take up to 30 minutes and is free. So you can enjoy your massage for the full length of your treatment time.

Why should I return?

We all feel differently at different times. This is why the in-depth consultation at the initial meeting is so important. It will allow me to follow up with you taking into consideration your own personal circumstances on each return visit. This in turn will enable me to give you a better, more relevant treatment.

What’s the difference between a Salon Massage and an Holistic Massage?

Like a Salon I will find out about your health and lifestyle details, but where my holistic massage differs is that I will spend time during a consultation getting to know about YOU. I will of course find out about health and physical issues, but I will take the time in getting to know what affects you; good, bad and ugly. This gives me the opportunity to give you a massage based on your physical and if relevant emotional needs. It is well known that massage is extremely beneficial for stress and tension.